Pontoon 46,50 x 16,00 x 3,00 m


Object nr :  220740               


Built 1995 Germany at Oderwerft Eisenh√ľttenstadt
loa 46,50m, beam 16,00m, depth 3,00m
classed by SUK Germany for the European inner waterways (inland navigation)
class valid till Jan 2026
previous class GL with 100 A 5 I pontoon notation but cancelled by owners.

The pontoon was used for a heavy construction crane but crane has been removed.
internal workspaces
1 tank 20.000 litres for gasoil
no engines etc but pontoon is in good condition and only served on fresh water.
Pontoon is in central Germany on the Rhine river where inspectable.

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pontoon 46 x 16 deck